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Fashion Statement

Today’s clothes are not the standard of the bygone era. Everything has to be fresh and unique. One does not have to be a slave of fashion. It is not bad to have a few of the latest trends. All one needs to see is that one’s own style reflects one’s personality. There are a few trends that everybody accepts. Those are the ones that make a statement and get noticed even in the face of the drab ensemble one has stashed away in the closet. Read along to find out the fashion statement, which is the talk of the town…

o identifiable Urban Chic – hipster runways, high wasted jeans, velvet, and mosh skirts

o ultra- preppy – upscale brands, military-style trousers, tweed blazers, velvet blazers

o edgy Urban- – trusts about space, tribal, hologram-band shirts

o glossy retro – military trousers, studded sneakers

o clean and virile – clean white, tribal-inspired patterns, lace

o reggae – hillbilly, jewel, retrograde jeans

o dark angel – emotional,adding details, edge details

o dark path – snug-fitting, hipster jeans with embroidered details

o high water – dark wash, hipster jeans

o dark jewel – Lucy fundraising jeans

o the Hybrid – Men’s Ed Hardy, PRPS denim

o super cool – airy sweatshirts and tees, cargo pants

o dark king – torn, mismatched, distressed denim, embroidered pocket

o high water – low waistband pants

o eagle eye – distressed jeans with embroidered details

o the pirate – very low slung, top-heavy jean

o chain body – very heavy denim

o high noon – vintage jeans worn with embroidered military details

o dark lord – distressed denim, body-hugging jeans

o Isernia belt – very low slung jeans with embroidered details

o dark treasure – very old school torn denim

o the ring – worn with chains

o the eye – urban chic with very tight jeans

o cloudy day – very heavy cotton poplin weave jeans

o the Rider – worn with embroidered kicks, chain belt

o the south wind – very chic menswear-inspired denim

o diamond point – very heavy cotton denim with embroidered details

o diamond lock – very expensive denim with delicate embroidery pendant, fat chunky belt

o the transplant – very zippered denim with a pop of color against the colored panels

o mixed up – denim pieces old and new

o diamond time – very vintage torn denim

o raw edge – very distressed selvage with signature treasure heel

o mixed-grass – very funky clashing selvage

o supernova – very colorful selvage

o supernova dawn – very colorful selvage

o clear nova – very funky super heavy cotton

o Sorry diamond – very old school denim

o charcoal bridge – very thick heavy denim

o citizen gold – very rich zigzag wires with old school mismatched art

o chain – very sturdy denim with artful cut and details

o urbanDirector – very distressed selvage

o Lucknow chamois – very thick cotton weave with details

o Lucknow cream – similar to C Carb, but much lighter and turned to wool

o the black – vintage shirtwaist denim with details from old Ann Ed Hardy piece

o the Indiglo – very popular vintage selvage

o the dusty dot – very vibrant painting technique on denim

o siren – very bold heavy cotton interlock selvage

o vintage cross – artfully created vintage denim with details of old Indian pendant

o siren cross – very bright selvage in black and white denim

o vintage blonde – very vintage denim with hints of lace

o vintage red – very vintage denim with lace – very hard to find

o vintage pink – very vintage denim with hints of pink – very hard to find

o was – very colorful cast-offs from the fabric shop

o the fuchsia – vintage jeans with hints of fuchsia

o the fire – very vintage jeans with nuances of forest green

o the iron – very vintage jeans with hints of yellow

o siren inscription – not really original, but very hard to find

o siren tomb wrappings – very hard to find but very worthwhile

o the black purity – very strong cotton denim with hints of black

o siren liner – very hard to find but very worthwhile

o v